Matthew Best
The Involvement of Premotor Cortex in Executing Reach to Grasp Movements, 2016
Advisor: Nicholas Hatsopoulos, PhD
Current Position: Machine Learning Manager, Disco Technology
Adam Brown, PhD
Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Caenorhabditis Elegans Foraging Behavior, 2017
Advisor: David Biron, PhD
Current Position: Program Director, Science Of Learning Research (SOLER) Initiative Office of the Vice Provost for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation at Columbia University
Kyler Brown, PhD
Vocal Motor Coding in a Songbird Premotor Nucleus, 2017
Advisor: Daniel Margoliash, PhD
Current Position: Senior Data Scientist at Cape Analytics, Inc.
Michael S. Carroll, PhD
Intrinsic and topological determinants of inspiratory network dynamics, 2009
Advisor: Jan-Marino Ramirez, PhD
Current Position: Director of Computational Informatics and Visualization Laboratory - Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital
Brendan Chambers, PhD
Emergent Cooperation Supports Synaptic Integration, Selecting Routes For Activity in Neocortical Networks, 2016
Advisor: Jason Maclean, PhD
Current Position: Applied Research Scientist at QuillBot
Qiang Chen, PhD
Circuitry mechanisms underlying noise resilience of retinal motion computation, 2018
Advisor: Wei Wei, PhD
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow - University of Washington
Elise Covic, PhD
Functional Characterization of Corticocortical Connections in Both Directions between the Primary and Secondary Auditory Cortices of the Mouse, 2010
Advisor: S. Murray Sherman, PhD
Current Position: Deputy Dean of the College for Academic Programs - The University of Chicago
Joseph Dechery,PhD
Describing variability in neocortical microcircuit dynamics with multineuronal spike patterns and functional networks, 2018
Advisor: Jason Maclean, PhD
Current Position: Principal Data Scientist at Shutterfly, Inc.
Adam Dickey, MD, PhD
Encoding and Decoding of Kinematic Primitives in Motor Cortex, 2011
Advisor: Nicholas Hatsopoulos, PhD
Current Position: Neurology Specialist
Jennifer Dwyer, PhD
Resonance in Neocortical Neurons and Networks: Implications for Epilepsy, 2011
Advisor: Wim Van Drongelen, PhD
Current Position: Medical Director, NextSense, Inc