Stephanie Cacioppo

Research Summary
Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo focuses on the neurobiology of the social self. Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo investigates how and why a specific brain network called the inferior fronto-parietal network, which includes the seminal mirror neuron system (a network that is activated when you move and see others perform a similar action) is modulated as a function of emotional contexts. Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo integrates theories of self-expansion and embodied cognition with lesion studies, functional neuroimaging, and 4D electrical neuroimaging to investigate brain dynamics of the social self, its cognitive and health benefits. Understanding how and why the deeply rooted brain dynamics vary as a function of how one feels toward (and thinks about) themselves and others may provide critical insights on one’s mental health and well-being, and may promote the development of interventions for neuropsychiatric and neurologic patients with interpersonal disorders. The better is our understanding of successful social connections, the greater is our respect for the significance and potency of their role in mental and physical health. Dr. Stephanie Cacioppo’s ultimate goal is to identify biomarkers of successful wellbeing and develop clinical intervention and neuropharmacological treatments to heal or cure fractures and diseases of one’s broken social self.
  • University Medical School of Geneva (Switzerland) & University of Savoy (France), Ph.D. Psychology 2004
Biosciences Graduate Program Association