Faculty and Trainers

Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Our research focuses on the cortical basis of motor control and learning. We are investigating what features of motor behavior are encoded and how this information is...
Assistant Professor, Neurobiology
Assistant Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
My lab studies how populations of neurons implement decision making and motor control. We record and manipulate the activity of hundreds or thousands of neurons in...
Professor, Social Sciences Division, Psychology
Professor, Chemistry
Associate Professor, Neurobiology
The primary focus of our group is to apply a diversity of analytical tools, including network science approaches to corticalcircuit dynamics in order to: 1) establish...
Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
Neuroethology investigates nervous system function by relating it to innate and learned natural behaviors. It is distinguished from traditional neurobiology and...
Professor, Neurobiology
Our research is aimed at understanding how neuronal signals in visual cerebral cortex generate perceptions and guide behavior. Our approach is to record from individual...
Professor, Social Sciences Division, Psychology
My research has focused since 1986 on perceptual learning and attention and working memory. Our research uses a wide range of methods including behavioral paradigms...
Associate Professor, Org.Bio./Anatomy
I study how populations of neurons collectively encode information present in their inputs and how they perform computations on these signals. The brain performs...