Wim van Drongelen

Research Summary
Research Interests- Understanding mechanisms underlying Epilepsy Epilepsy is a serious neurological disorder characterized by seizures. About 1% of the world population is affected by this disease and a fraction of 1/3 of patients does not respond to medication. In order to help us understand the pathological behavior we observe during the brain’s epileptiform activity, our group applies a variety of engineering techniques including advanced statistical and digital signal processing, non-linear dynamics, and modeling (link to basic texts) (link to second edition text). The ultimate goal of the research in our lab is to address this enormous problem by improved understanding of the mechanisms that govern different types of epilepsy. See the lab website for further details, teaching, and videos on lectures Our research approach is interdisciplinary, including: Mathematical modeling Computational modeling Animal models Study of tissue from patients with epilepsy Analysis of clinical recordings
Epilepsy Research, Signal Processing, Modeling
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
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